Field Trip & Self Confidence

“You are taking a field trip to enhance what you are doing in class.  Take the time to transfer that information from the outside of school experience back to the classroom.”

Field trips enhance the critical thinking skills in the students.  They give students a chance to think about a topic from a different perspective.

Children develop social skills and learn how to brave in different settings.  As a part, we from PGS took our grade 3 and grade 4 students to the different places of worship.

Children are sensitized towards various communities, sections and groups of societies, our children even visited the potter’s place which also helped them to develop the concept of dignity of labour and aesthetic sense.

“I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand.”


“Self confidence is a super power.  Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.”  Self-confidence refers to the state of mind where a person pusher this boundaries and encourager belief within oneself.  It is something which comes from self-love.  In order to have confidence in yourself, one must love oneself to get freedom from constant doubt.  

Self-confidence is one of the most important thing a person can have for being an effective leader to motivate and influence others.  It allows you to be resistant when things don’t go your way, and to keep going even when you face setbacks.

To have self-confidence recognise what you are good at.  We are all good at something, whether its reading, writing, speaking, singing or being a good friend.  Build positive relationships, learn to be assertive, be kind to yourself and give yourself a challenge.  

Greater self-confidence allows you to to experience freedom from self-doubt and negative thoughts about yourself.  It makes you more willing to take smart riser and able to and able to more outside your comfort zone, experiencing more fearlessness and less anxiety.  It also allows you to go after your dreams and to believe in yourself.

Self-confidence helps students develop their social skills and their resilience, allowing them to reach their full potential in and out of the classroom.  Students with a healthy level of self-confidence are aware of their abilities, they also accept their weaknesses and work on them to keep improving themselves.

When you feel confident you tend to make decisions that are good for you and your health.  You are more likely to take care of yourself.  Confidence can also give you a positive outlook on life, increasing your mental and emotional wellbeing.

“Show up in every single moment like you are meant to be there”.

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