The Primary School includes Grade 1 to 4, wherein we incorporate the best of experiential and theoretical learning for optimum results. We introduce many new subjects during this time, and our students enjoy the challenging adventures every day. Our project-based learning pedagogy helps students understand math and science concepts properly, and it prepares them for the next stage of learning.
Primary school is an intermediate phase for students as they move from play-based learning and go towards career-building stages. Our ability to shower them with comprehensive skills at this stage fulfils their academic and personal goals.
We offer a mix of scholastic and non-scholastic teaching to build their analytical skills and help them continue to maintain a curious and inquisitive mind.
Key Highlights:
  • Project-based lessons to help students Understand the Subjects 
  • Hands-on Activities and Experiences 
  • Focus on Academics and Co-curricular Activities
  • Lots of Language Development Opportunities 
  • Social and Emotional Skill Development
  • Computer-Aided Education with Smart Classrooms

Looking for a well-balanced primary curriculum in a top CBSE school in Hyderabad? Admissions are Open at Prachin Global School.