At Prachin Global School, Middle School comprises Grades 5, 6 and 7. The focus during these years is to reinforce the basic concepts until it is completely understood and thoroughly clean. Our holistic experience helps our middle school students to prepare for a lifetime of learning, confidence and success. 
We also support every child’s individual potential and recognize their key strengths and talents during these years. We work with parents to think of ways to leverage the potential and maximize it for the future.
Our middle school students enjoy their rendezvous with technology with our smart classrooms and multiple labs. In addition, the clubs and creative classes keep their hobbies and passions alive while inspiring them to express themselves creatively.
Key Highlights:
  • Access to competitive exams 
  • Modern pedagogy backed by science and experience 
  • Boosting individual potential and talent 
  • Encouraging active participation in class
  • Offering intra and inter-school activity opportunities 

Scientific learning and new-age teaching pedagogy make our Middle School a preferred destination. Admissions Open