We invite students to our residential campus to boost their academic and overall life experiences during their crucial years of schooling. It offers multiple opportunities for students to learn, grow and develop into strong and confident leaders of the future. We have separate age-specific boys and girls hostel buildings with a capacity for over 550 students. Our highly spacious, well-ventilated and well-maintained spaces are equipped with storage units, study tables, beds, lockers and clean washrooms.

“Key Features of our Hostel:”
  • Well-qualified wardens that ensure the safety and wellness of our students
  • In-house teachers who offer assistance in academics and extra coaching when required
  • A nutritious and balanced diet every day
  • Various recreational facilities to keep children occupied
  • A gated and guarded community with 24×7 monitored entry and exit
  • Laundromat services for students
  • An essentials and stationery story for daily needs
Our hostels help students develop discipline and good habits for the rest of their lives. Students have a daily schedule and they follow it with dedication. They are also taught about the values of performing their own daily tasks and maintaining a clean and tidy environment for their education and habitat. We’re happy to see how our students learn to respect each other’s privacy in the hostel and yet, enjoy the communal living opportunities.