We understand that early childhood nutrition is essential to build immunity and ensure the right brain development for improving activity levels and future growth. At Prachin Global School, nutrition is an integral part of every student’s well-being, and thus, we offer a nutritious and well-balanced diet on campus. Our team of nutritionists plan the monthly diet chart so that students enjoy their food and get all the nutrients they need for an active lifestyle. In addition, we offer dietician-supervised breakfast, healthy drinks, lunch and evening snacks. Our focus is to help students build a healthy relationship with food from the early years, and thus, we constantly strive to boost good eating habits. 
Similarly, we care a lot about the safety and security of our students and thus, offer a GPS-enabled bus facility for students. Our highly-trained bus drivers follow all traffic rules and drive safely on Hyderabad roads. The real-time tracking keeps parents updated on their child’s location at all times. With our transport facility, parents can be assured of a safe pick-up and drop-off. Our AC buses are also accompanied by security personnel and a female attendant. 
If you have any questions about the charges of transportation or diet, please contact our counsellors on 9393778778.