Let’s dream big – to achieve success as high as the skies, gain knowledge as deep as the oceans and keep learning up to infinity. At Prachin Global School, we welcome passionate, dynamic and energetic children and mould them into future global leaders. We believe that happy children are smart, successful and full of smiles and thus, inculcate values above and beyond academics at the school.
As a Best CBSE school from Pre primary to 12th Standard, in Hyderabad. We’re all set to create a transformation in education at our esteemed institution Prachin Global School at Patancheru, Hyderabad. Our education is affordable, committed and at par with international standards. 
We’re Nurturing Aspirations, Fulfilling Dreams and Shaping the Future – One Student at a Time!
Come, join us! 
Dear Parents,
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to our esteemed institution Prachin Global School – a holistic learning experience for your children. We’ve built a modern and technology-driven infrastructure on the city’s outskirts to keep children closer to nature and technology. At the same time, we endeavour to offer an affordable, conducive and inspiring academic environment to every student. At PGS, we emphasize learning, social, physical, and personal growth equally. Empowered by our high academic standards and a self-sufficient teaching mechanism, we’re fulfilling students’ potential inside and outside our classrooms. As a result, when these well-informed students step out to the next step of education, they are equipped with critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and the knowledge to make a real difference. 
As educators, we believe that it is our core responsibility to nurture every talent and dream that we see in our students and assist them in becoming lifelong learners. Our students are encouraged to appreciate cultural diversity and develop respect for our environment. We make them self-directed, confident, and responsible decision-makers to make it big in this ever-changing multi-cultural world.
At Prachin Global School, we collaborate with the best educators, parents, administrators, and leaders to enhance the quality of education and co-curricular activities to enrich every child’s learning experience.We’re excited to make these formative years the best years for your ward.


Prachin Global Schools set the benchmark in education. We are committed to empower students to think, and to transform the creative ideas into actions which enable them to create success stories on their own.


Our mission is to mould distinct global leaders who upload values, promote progress, and strive for peace and brotherhood. We endeavour to identify the dormant qualities in every student, nurture them and inspire them pursuit of excellence.


  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Accountability & Responsibility
  • Quality & Excellence
  • Community & Society
  • Talent & Hard work
  • Compassion & Cooperation


The vision of Prachin Global School was rooted on 1st October 2009, focusing on academic excellence, tech-enabled classrooms, intelligent labs, library and more. We wanted to foster a love for learning among our students, conduct various competitions and continue to excel in academics and sports. The initial years saw the school winning multiple medals at the district level and our students continue to excel in classrooms and on the field.

Our management’s passionate drive combined with team’s dedication made it possible to take Prachin Global School to new heights of success in a short span of 6 years. Prachin grew from Nursery to Grade XII during this period and a new branch at Beeramguda (Montessori +) was established. The students also created history by winning 5 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze medals at district-level competitions.

Our strategy and vision of ‘A Dream Turned to Reality’ crossed the 10th milestone and we kept growing our offerings for the betterment of our students. The synthetic courts for basketball and tennis were added to our infrastructure, and two new blocks were also added to facilitate more students. Our wards also got into ‘The Young Innovators Program’ conducted by CCMB, Hyderabad.


Our school has made incredible efforts to transform itself into the CCE format and has been successful in many endeavours. Along with ensuring that our students are academically sound, we also empowered them with knowledge, wisdom and skill-sets to face the challenges of the competitive world. Our students are getting admitted to top educational hubs like the IITs, medical colleges,business schools and international music academies. We have a 100% result yearly, but that’s not all. Most of our students excel with outstanding scores.


Our achivements

Green Campus

7.5 acres

Alumni Students


Highly Qualified Teachers


Co-Curricular Activities