“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” At Prachin Global School, we believe that the habit of reading is one of the essential gifts for long-term success. We have an extensive library with a mix of 10,000+ digital and hardcopy books. We have also subscribed to various magazines and newspapers that enable our students to grow their knowledge every day. Our selection of books for every age group encourages students to read and learn more, and they continue the habit till the time they’re in school and often way after that. Led by technology-driven trends, we also offer various online resources for our higher-grade students to help them complete their projects and assignments with the right resources and tools for research.
We welcome students to spend a lot of time at the library and collect treasures for a lifetime. Stories come to life here, and it’s a place buzzing with vibrant, new and fresh ideas. 
We’re preparing leaders who are avid readers at PGS.