We’re a well-balanced school that equally promotes academics and sports at PGS. However, we understand that not all students are inclined toward academic success, and many show exemplary talent and dedication on the field instead.
We believe that we’re raising future sports superstars and take the privilege of training them very seriously. We mix indoor and outdoor sports and conduct weekly sports sessions for all our students. Students can choose one indoor and one outdoor sport during their academic year. It’s a compulsory activity, and it brings a lot of positive differences in their focus, attention span and overall well-being. We also have after-school sports programs for our residential and day-boarding students. The hostel students enjoy sports activities after school, which keeps them engaged and physically fit.
Some of our top sports classes include:
These extra-curricular activities promote our students’ overall mind and body development and give them a chance to channel their energy and grow their thought-process, too. A student who spends some time on the field has better focus and concentration in the classroom.
Have a child who’s interested in sports?
Let us give them the best possible training and start in life!