At our esteemed institution Prachin Global School, we want the overall development of children, not just students who are glued to their books all the time. Thus, we conduct many dance and music sessions to engage their brains and stimulate connections. You’d be surprised how much our pre-school and primary kids enjoy these classes!
At the same time, when students come together with songs, rhymes or actions, it helps them discover how to interact and communicate with each other. In addition, dance and music time are often great sessions to bond with peers and make new friends at PGS. We offer classes for Classical and Western dance, and students can choose their category as per their liking. Our guitar and keyboard lessons during music classes are appreciated by students and parents alike. With teachers who have almost 40+ years of experience and lots of cultural activities throughout the year, we’re helping our students to appreciate all types of art forms.
Our young dancers and musicians learn other skills like balance, coordination and control during the classes, and it helps reduce stress and boost overall good health. When children practice dance and music at home, it reduces their screen time and encourages them to be more curious and imaginative as well.
Ready to groove and move?