Global Education: The Role of Teachers in Fostering Global Citizens

Importance of Global education & a short girl with graduation

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of global education. The world today is becoming even more interconnected with each passing day. The need of the hour is for citizens to have awareness of the world around them. This isn’t something that happens overnight. The journey to become a global citizen starts with global education. For this reason, the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad include diverse learning in their curriculum.  

What is Global Education?

As the name implies, global education goes beyond traditional academic knowledge. It involves a broader understanding of global issues, empathy for other cultures and societies, and sustainable development. A global citizen plays an important role in making the world a better place to live in. 

Global citizenship education starts in school, and teachers play an important role in inculcating certain values in every student. Beyond educating every student on what is right and what is wrong, they help them become better human beings.

How Teachers are Helping Students Become Global Citizens?

There are no two thoughts about the fact that teachers are a blessing in our lives. They help us reach our full potential and mould us to be better individuals. In today’s day and age, teachers are making students ready for the global world. They are not just limiting their knowledge to classroom learning but are making them ready for the political, social and environmental communities on a worldwide scale. 

Teaching global citizenship is not as easy as it seems. Here’s how teachers in top schools in Hyderabad are helping every child become a global citizen:

Cultural awareness

Students can become global citizens by exposing them to diverse cultures. Teachers usually introduce students to different art forms, literature and music from various countries. Through this they can learn about the history and tradition of different cultures too. Schools can even incorporate global stories in their reading curriculum. Literature opens up their perspective on different cultures. A few books that can help teachers and students engage better are Refugee, Freedom, One Family and I Am Malala. Once students read these books, teachers can conduct classroom discussions on topics such as education, community living and stereotypes.

Encourage critical thinking

Global teaching must also involve critical thinking. Students should be encouraged to think critically about pressing issues in the world around them. Teachers can get a chain of thoughts going in their mind by discussing social and political contexts of various communities. While academics are important, they also need to be aware of the issues happening around the world. Take one global issue every week. For example, global warming, pollution and sustainability. You can even hold classroom debates to understand the different perspectives of students towards the world. Critical thinking sets a strong foundation for global citizens. 

Teach another language

In most pre-primary schools in Hyderabad, the first language is English followed by the second language being Telugu. Students have an option to choose their third language. As a teacher, encourage students to learn an additional language such as French, Mandarin or Spanish. This will enhance their cognitive abilities and give them a chance to interact with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Global citizenship is all about communicating with other people. 

Engage students in community service

Community service helps students become powerful global citizens. Take students out of the classroom and give them a chance to serve the local and global community. In every city, there are several students who come from other countries by way of exchange programmes. Give students a chance to interact with them. Engage them in community service by making them volunteer at a food event or a fundraiser for a global charity. Cross-cultural exchanges empower students. 

Teaching media literacy and social media etiquette

In today’s digital era, being a global citizen is synonymous with being a digital citizen. Though technology is a boon, if used incorrectly, it becomes a bane. Through global education, train students to become digitally responsible citizens. Teach them about online safety and privacy, and social media etiquette. When discussing global issues online, they should know where to draw the line and fact check before posting anything that can hurt the sentiments of another community. Navigating the digital world and using it as a catalyst for positive change begins with using technology responsibly. 

Best School in Hyderabad offering Global Education Services

Education plays a vital role in fostering global citizens. Teachers inculcate critical thinking abilities and global perspectives in a student which helps them become active participants in the global society. Even when they go abroad for their higher students, they tend to become more inclusive and sensitive towards people from various communities. Prachin Global School, the best school in Shankarpally, prepares students for global citizenship by using a one-of-a-kind learning methodology that enhances their social, emotional and leadership skills.